Become a Signatory Form

We invite individuals and organizations to endorse the IFC Principles for Learning. Becoming an official signatory signals a commitment to design and implement training programs to the highest standards. Here’s what it takes:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the eight Principles reflecting the key elements of successful training and skills development programs.
  2. Make a commitment to uphold each of the Principles in your training deliveries.
  3. Fill in the below application form to confirm that you wish to become an official signatory to the Principles for Learning.
  4. Sign a Signatory Letter

Once you become a signatory, your name/organization's name will be added to the Signatory page.


Submit an Application

Please fill out the form below to initiate the application process. Once the application is submitted, please download, sign, and email the Signatory Letter, duly executed, to


Once your application is received, we will verify the submitted information and contact you for any clarifications.


At this time, the applying organization, company or individual will become an Official Signatory and will receive the license to use the Signatory badge in their marketing materials.


Please fill out the form below.


Company, Organization or Individual

Covered businesses
If your entire company or organization is endorsing GLC Principles for Learning, please check the "All" button.

Otherwise, please describe the business lines that are endorsing GLC Principles for Learning (e.g. "The Company and each of its subsidiaries, except Subsidiary X" or "Only the company's subsidiaries in Region Y")

Authorized Person

Please provide your name and contact details.

By providing your name and contact details, you are confirming that you are authorized to submit this Signatory Application, if applying on behalf of the company or organization listed above, and that you are authorized to execute any and all writings and agreements and to take any other action on behalf of the company or organization listed above, in accordance with the Signatory Letter below.




If the contact person is different than the authorized person, please provide details below.


Final Review and Submission

To finalize your application, please carefully review the GLC General Terms and Signatory Letter. The Authorized Person should sign the Signatory Letter and email it, duly executed, at


By clicking I Agree, on behalf of the Company, Organization or Individual indicated above, I acknowledge that I have read the terms of the Principles for Learning General Terms and the Principles for Learning Signatory Letter, and I hereby agree to the terms of the Principles for Learning Signatory Letter. I acknowledge that the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) may run background checks on the Company, Organization, and Individuals, including checks against any of the lists currently promulgated by the United Nations Security Council or its committees pursuant to any resolution issued under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter or against the World Bank Listing of Ineligible Firms & Individuals ("Background Checks"). I acknowledge that becoming a Signatory is subject to IFC’s satisfaction with the results of such Background Checks. I acknowledge that IFC will send a written notice to the email or physical address listed above confirming or denying the application for the Company, Organization or Individual to become a Signatory and that, until the Company, Organization or Individual receives confirmation from IFC, the Company, Organization or Individual shall not use the Principles for Learning’s name or logo or otherwise hold itself out to be a Signatory.
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