Facilitating Learning lies at the heart of the learning process. The IFC-LPI Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment (TPMA), empowers facilitators to deliver highly effective face-to-face learning experiences to adult participants in a variety professional fields. The certification is responsive to the needs of emerging markets and is offered in collaboration with The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) a leading authority on learning and workplace development.

If you are a seasoned professional trainer, instructional designer or a performance and learning professional aiming to improve your skills and receive international recognition, or a new trainer looking to upgrade to a professional level, then this certification is for you.

IFC-LPI TPMA certification demonstrates that your professional knowledge, training facilitation skills, and competencies are relevant, up to date, and meet industry standards. In addition, the certification will:

  • Enable you to continue to build your skills and knowledge and stay at the forefront of an ever-changing marketplace
  • Give you access to the IFC and LPI networks of resources and communities and empower your business
  • Build invaluable personal and professional confidence
  • Provide you with a competitive advantage in the training marketplace and open new career opportunities

First, you will take part in the IFC Facilitating Face-to-Face Learning course (also called Training of Trainers  - ToT) as a first step. This is delivered by local and regional IFC Master Trainers, all of whom are certified by both IFC and the LPI. At the conclusion of the course, we assess one of your facilitation sessions, and based on the results, the LPI will award certification. You will then be admitted to the IFC and LPI networks and communities.


Upcoming IFC Facilitating Face-to-Face Learning courses.


“I have been a trainer for over a decade but during the TPMA certification assessment I found that I still had a lot to learn. Now my training sessions are more engaging and exciting because of the high level of interaction by the participants.”

Ms. Edughom Hanson, Deputy Managing Director, Wider Perspectives Limited, Nigeria

“I would recommend this certification to all trainers. Confidence in the IFC and LPI brands opens more doors, and, I now find that I’m better able to manage a class with mixed abilities – leaving all participants feeling satisfied and fulfilled.”

Ms. Kelechi Amoo, Academy Administrator, CleanAce Academy, Nigeria