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Facilitating Learning: Online and In-Person + IFC-LPI TPMA Certification - Cohort Growth Stream 4

Introducing the International Finance Corporation's (IFC) Collaborative Learning and Performance Enhancement Program in partnership with the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI). This program is available online, yet its principles and techniques can seamlessly translate to enhance in-person training.

Are you eager to elevate your business's profitability?

Do you aspire to expand your referral network?

Do you dream of becoming a renowned name in the training industry?

If you have answered "YES" to all these questions, our training program is then tailor-made for you.

Our comprehensive training will empower you to revolutionize your training programs, rendering them impactful, immersive, and unforgettable. Prepare to unlock the hidden formula for effectively conveying information, capturing your audience's attention, and transforming learning into a captivating, enjoyable, and enriching experience for your participants – ultimately leading to repeat business opportunities for you.

Will I receive a certificate upon Completion of the course?

Yes, upon completing the "Facilitating Learning: Online and In-Person" course, all participants will receive a certificate of Completion, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of the prerequisite course, "Foundations of Learning."
  • Attendance of at least 80% of the "Facilitating Learning: Online and In-Person" course.
  • Successful Completion of all course assignments.

What is the Attendance Fee?

The attendance fee is the fee for the course, and this entails $450, which covers various aspects of your participation, including:

  • Course Participation Costs.
  • Assessment Expenses.

The LPI fee of $200 will be applicable if your assessment score results in a "Pass" or higher to be paid for the certificate.

How Is the Course Structured?

The program is structured around eight modules, spanning a one-month duration, accumulating 16 instructional hours. During the course, participants will engage in a combination of activities, which include:

  • Self-Study Assignments.
  • Group Exercises.
  • Submission of Video Presentations.

Specifically, participants will be required to submit two video segments showcasing their facilitation skills:

  • A 5-minute training segment.
  • A 15-minute training segment.
  • A 45-minute training segment - this will be used for your final assessment.

These video submissions should reflect the techniques and methods taught in the course

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06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

GMT : +01:00, Africa/Lagos


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