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Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise

Though I missed the live webinar, I had the opportunity to view the recording today. My impressions in one word: “WOW!” 

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of experience on this wonderful GLC platform and for modelling such professional online facilitation. I keep learning new things from you! I so appreciated your choice and format of clean, easy-to-read slides to accompany your presentation, each with a single message and captivating visual.  I found the wide variety of concrete examples so relevant and helpful, from the flexible KCB-African Management Institute program, to the video of Adeola Babatunde’s journey of becoming a master trainer, to your experience of facilitating Muslim male participants, to the creation of “win-win job aids” that serve both participant and bank client. I especially enjoyed your penetrating question about what a facilitator should do when hearing a participant’s child crying in the background. It really made me think, as it did your participants judging from their robust responses. And, despite the lack of opportunity for verbal interaction (due to so many online), your frequent use of check-in questions (such as “if you are ready to go on this journey with me, give me a YES in the chat”) kept me alert and enthused. Your genuine interest in your participants always shines through. WOW!

Date of experience: 21/01/2021