Courses completed

  1. Facilitating Face-to-Face Learning (FFF)
  2. Course Customization (CC)
  3. Designing Face-to-Face Learning (DFF)
  4. Training of Master Trainers (ToMT)
  • IFC Certified Master Trainer in Facilitating Learning (since 2014)

    IFC Certified Master Trainer in Facilitating Learning (since 2014)
  • IFC Certified Designer in Learning Experiences (since 2015)

    IFC Certified Designer in Learning Experiences (since 2015)
  • IFC Certified Master Trainer in Designing Learning (since 2022)

    IFC Certified Master Trainer in Designing Learning (since 2022)
  • IFC - LPI Certified Trainer (since 2018)

    IFC - LPI Certified Trainer (since 2018)
  • IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2018)

    IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2018)
  • IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2020)

    IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2020)
  • IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2024)

    IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2024)
  • Signatory to the IFC Principles for Learning

    Signatory to the IFC Principles for Learning (since 2020)
  • Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF)

    Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF)
  • Certified Designer of Online Learning (CDOL)

    Certified Designer of Online Learning (CDOL)

Additional Information

Country of residence


Education Level

Master's degree


Akan, English

International Work Experience

Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan

Industry Expertise

Agriculture, fishing and forestry, Business development consulting and advisory services, Education and training, Financial services

Role in Learning Development

Coach, Consultant, GLC-Certified Master Trainer, Instructional Designer, Trainer/Facilitator

Years of Experience

> 10 years

Target Groups Trained

MSMEs (Micro, small and medium-size enterprises), Corporations, Farmers, Women, Youth

Business Area of Expertise

Marketing, Personal Productivity Skills, Human Resources
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Thank you for sharing your experience and expertise

Though I missed the live webinar, I had the opportunity to view the recording today. My impressions in one word: “WOW!” 

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of experience on this wonderful GLC platform and for modelling such professional online facilitation. I keep learning new things from you! I so appreciated your choice and format of clean, easy-to-read slides to accompany your presentation, each with a single message and captivating visual.  I found the wide variety of concrete examples so relevant and helpful, from the flexible KCB-African Management Institute program, to the video of Adeola Babatunde’s journey of becoming a master trainer, to your experience of facilitating Muslim male participants, to the creation of “win-win job aids” that serve both participant and bank client. I especially enjoyed your penetrating question about what a facilitator should do when hearing a participant’s child crying in the background. It really made me think, as it did your participants judging from their robust responses. And, despite the lack of opportunity for verbal interaction (due to so many online), your frequent use of check-in questions (such as “if you are ready to go on this journey with me, give me a YES in the chat”) kept me alert and enthused. Your genuine interest in your participants always shines through. WOW!

Date of experience: 21/01/2021
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A Master Trainer Indeed!

I had the opportunity to take the Facilitating Learning: Online and In-person (FLO) course in October. I must confess that every sessions along with its related activities and assignments led to a very beautiful learning experience for me. I was able to enhance my skills with every session in the progression of the learning path. 

The facilitation was top notch! I loved how you constantly varied the tone of your voice beautifully to keep the sessions as lively as possible. I was especially grateful for the extra time you dedicated after the close of sessions to help me as well as other members of the group to resolve any issues we may have with a concept discussed during the session or with using the web conferencing technology. 

Thank you so much for impacting your knowledge and for sharing your wealth of experience with us. I look forward to taking more courses with you in the future.

Date of experience: 13/10/2021
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An impactful, insightful and engaging learning experience

I have had the experience of attending various training on facilitating learning but none can be compared to the expertise and skills on how this training was facilitated and delivered.

From the  Day 1, the emphasis was on the equipping participants with the skills for facilitating learning using the Accelerated Learning Techniques which is suitable for Adult Learners as opposed to the lecturing technique.

I was fascinated by your expertise, how approachable  you were, professional  and the experienced skills utilized  in getting  the full participation  of all participants for  the  various activities  for all eight  (8) sessions. That goes to prove what an excellent facilitator and coach you are. I remember the personal experiences you shared during the session on Increasing Women's Attendance at Training/Encouraging Women During Training which lies at the very core of inclusiveness. The insights  and experiences shared were so relevant and the insights gained will guide me going forward in identifying and addressing the need areas in the design of my training outcomes.

You have a novel way of making an online training intervention which is devoid of personal contact very engaging, interactive and very enjoyable with the variety of virtual classroom tools you deployed in getting participants' responses for the benefit of evaluating  the understanding of learning.

How can I forget  the ''Our take you there song'' ? And ..... yes ! You really took me on a Beautiful Insightful, Impactful and Engaging  Learning Experience journey on Facilitating Learning : Online and In-Person.

Thank you so much for your wealth of experience shared and impacted !


Date of experience: 08/12/2021
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A Master Trainer and Coach

I was initially sceptical on how beneficial the course would be. My concerns were however allayed right from the introduction. Margaret's style of training is like none other I have experienced. It has warmth. It is refreshing. It is energising. Her mode of delivery keeps one engaged throughout the entire course, yet not fatigued.

Margaret uses a practical approach, not simply providing information. No session was boring nor to be missed. 

She is a not just a Master Trainer. Margaret is a coach. 

Thank you Margaret for this course. You have created a yearning within me to become a trainer like you. You have given me so much tools, tricks and skills to improve on myself. The results are already showing and I look forward to learn more.



Date of experience: 13/10/2021
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The Best Training Experience so far

I have been in a lot of trainings but I think this has been my best so far, not because of any other reason, but because how good the trainer was. She is an exceptional in her field and for that matter, in any day or moment in my life if I am being asked to drop any demanding or pending activity and go for her trainings, I will not hesitate to do so. It was great, educative and fun to be trained by her. I wish I had known her earlier and I am choosing her as a mentor from today. Thank you! 

Date of experience: 13/10/2021
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I am very much excited to be…

I am very much excited to be part of this wonderful  class. The class was informative and delivery was also on point. I learned so many new things, more especially the tips.

I am so grateful to the Royal Highest for this exposure and the entire team.

Date of experience: 06/11/2021
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Excellence personified

I enjoyed every day on the course and gained a lot of useful tips, techniques and user-friendly ways to optimize engagement online and offline. Each live webinar was filled with so much nuggets that are priceless. As an expert trainer, Ms. Jackson (Ms. J) breaks down the elements of training in simple and easy-to-understand steps. I find her approach and enthusiasm helpful in achieving my learning goals. I feel more confident in handling situations in the learning environment and improving my presentations, delivery and content.

If you are looking for a flexible, fun and professional facilitator and trainer, I highly recommend Ms. J. 

Date of experience: 08/12/2021
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Excellently structured program

I have just completed the FLO training with Margaret in December 2021. The three things that I liked most about the entire training were -  firstly, the structured manner in which she designed the course made it easy for me to follow. Secondly, the content as well as the reading material was very precise and  systematic. Finally, I appreciated very much her use of a Learning Management System that required us to move from one course to another and allowed us to systematically review all the reading material. Margaret’s knowledge of the subject and the way she illustrated concepts was very good for me as a participant to observe.

Date of experience: 20/12/2021
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Nothing short of Excellent!!

Mrs. Jackson is a born trainer. She possess excellent training skills and she is passionate about her job. Each day on this course was totally insightful and has boosted my confidence. This course was impactful, insightful and i will carry the experience along everyday of my life.

It has also launched me into another important phase of my training career.

Thank you HRH. 

Date of experience: 26/03/2022
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An Exuberant Facilitator

It was an amazing 8 weeks journey participating in the Facilitating Learning Online course. I'm grateful for the life of Magaret Jackson. She did an exceptional job and I'm so excited that I enrolled. She was full of energy during all 8 sessions. Thank you Her Royal Highness for the knowledge and skills you continue to impact. 


Date of experience: 22/03/2022
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Mind Blowing

What can I say but that HRH Margaret Jackson is a breathe of fresh air!! I have learnt a lot since I joined the program, learnt something new every session. The program duration was just fine and I had opportunities to practice all what I learnt on the training programs that I was running at that time. The content was rich and inspiring.

I have taken a lot and will build upon what I learnt!! There is no stopping me right now in pursing my aspirations and goals.

Thank you HRH Margaret Jackson for being patient with my co course mates and I holding our hands until we get it right!!

Grateful Always!!!

Date of experience: 28/02/2022
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She is a professional and a well skilled trainer/facilitator; above all, I believe she's a gifted Trainer. I just completed FLO Training with her and every session was a display of excellence, experience, exceptional knowledge, skills and talent.

Mrs J illustrations were always the best match for the course or topic. She has an amazing engagement skills such that she stimulates participation well, thereby building confidence in the participants. Her time management skill is good.

Her Royal Highness, like we call her, has an amazing support system, her team members are diligent and courteous. This training experience with Mrs J has actually redefined training to me. 

Mrs J is not just a trainer, she's is a GIFTED trainer. I believe she is doing what she was born to do. 

Date of experience: 22/03/2022
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A Master Trainer

I encountered Mrs. Jackson some years back as a trainer and trainee and I realized that she is an all-around trainer. Her organization, set up and delivery was different in a very impactful way. I was privileged to be under her during my recent learning course and I must say she made the course easy for me and my cohort.

She is relevant to training professionals all around the world.

Mrs. J and HRH, thank you for coaching me and my pod members, you are a gifted trainer.

I salute you!

Date of experience: 05/02/2022
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Amazing Trainer

I am very grateful for having gone through the session. Margaret is an incredible trainer. my skills have greatly improved as a result of this training. This course has truly enriched my career on the projects that have training components.

Many thanks, Margaret Jackson.

Date of experience: 22/03/2022
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Excellent Training

This is my very first training and I must say: whew! Everything was just perfect. The training was very informative, impactful, and insightful. I learned a lot and enjoyed every session of the course. Grateful to her royal highness, Margaret Jackson for this wonderful exposure. God bless you!

Date of experience: 25/01/2022
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Remarkable Experience

I believe that knowledge gained from something you enjoyed doing can never be lost. The knowledge I have gained from FLO is no exception. My experience is phenomenal. This challenged me to do something I struggled to do with ease and I cherish every bit of it right from the introductory stage to the end of this course. I have learnt new things that can build me and my training career.

HRH MJ, thanks for making this journey worthwhile. Your GLOSS and OFF are spectacular. You are indeed a tremendous trainer and facilitator. Your advice "Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!" is my code

Date of experience: 22/03/2022
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An Exceptional Trainer

Ms. M. Jackson(Her Royal Highness) is indeed a great Trainer. She took me back to the classroom learning as a child. She was exceptionally patient and will constantly ask for feedback to ensure everyone in the class was on the same page. She never let us feel that we didn't know but will rather encourage us to try. She kept nudging us to do more and be better. 

She used stories and real-life analogies to engage us and I usually looked forward to all the classes. I had a worthwhile time learning, unlearning, and re-learning again. 

Thanks for the boost of confidence you have instilled in us in the 8-weeks of classes. 

Date of experience: 26/03/2022
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Excellent Thorough Trainer!

Excellent thorough trainer. I enjoyed the details around the course structure and the time Margaret took to ensure all participants were following. Very well to share and encourage. I learned a useful load of tools. 
Well done Margaret ?



Date of experience: 01/12/2021
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Trainer per excelence

Margaret Jackson is really a Master Trainer indeed. I initially knew I was on top when it comes to facilitating learning, but coming into contact with Margaret over the last eight weeks has changed my perspective. She made sure all participants were on the same level.

She has thought me almost all the tips every trainer should know. I was introduced to new methods and tools as a trainer.

Her advice 'Plan, plan, plan and practice, practice, practice' keeps ringing in my head always.

Thank you, Margaret, you are more than a Master Trainer.

Keep it up.



Date of experience: 23/07/2022
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An Exceptional Trainer

My classes with Her Royal Highness Margaret Jackson have taught me a lot. Her Royal Highness keeps the class moving at the perfect pace so that you feel stretched but not overburdened. Her lessons were interesting and practical, and she was very patient with all of the students and constantly pushed them to try the new things. Through a variety of activities that enhance conversational, and a vast range of training skills, she excels at boosting confidence and keeping lessons interesting and fun. Her Royal Highness has a wonderful teaching talent, and I'm so glad I stumbled across her class.

Date of experience: 20/08/2022
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Excellent Facilitator

Excellent course. Was very easy to understand. I felt free to comment and ask questions during the course. The flow of the program was smooth and enabled me to have a very good understanding of each point in the learning path. In the end, all the concepts that had been explained led to a deep understanding of facilitation and facilitation techniques. 

Thank you so much Margaret Jackson for being an amazing facilitator.

Date of experience: 28/06/2022
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Excellent Trainer

Her Royal Highness Margaret is an exceptionally and technically gifted trainer. Margaret broadened my training scope and challenged me to look at training from angles I had previously not thought of. She created a warm and conducive environment for learning. She had a unique way of connecting her learners to the training and ensured that all her learners were on the same level.

Thank you, Margaret, for a wonderful learning experience! 

Date of experience: 21/05/2024
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Amazing trainer

She did a good job and it was an awesome time with her, especially as she explains deeply and got everyone to participate despite the fact that it was an online program, in which people do not like to participate in activities. Well done ma!

Date of experience: 07/05/2022