Courses completed

  1. Facilitating Learning: Online and In-Person
  2. Facilitating Face-to-Face Learning (FFF)
  3. Foundations of Learning
  4. Designing Face-to-Face Learning (DFF)
  5. Training of Master Trainers (ToMT)
  • IFC Certified Master Trainer in Facilitating Learning (since 2012)

    IFC Certified Master Trainer in Facilitating Learning (since 2012)
  • IFC - LPI Certified Trainer (since 2022)

    IFC - LPI Certified Trainer (since 2022) badge image
  • IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2020)

    IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2020)
  • IFC - LPI Certified Trainer (since 2019)

    IFC - LPI Certified Trainer (since 2019)
  • IFC Certified Designer in Learning Experiences (since 2014)

    IFC Certified Designer in Learning Experiences (since 2014)
  • Signatory to the IFC Principles for Learning

    Signatory to the IFC Principles for Learning (since 2020)

Additional Information

Country of residence

United States of America (USA)

Education Level

Master's degree



International Work Experience

Cambodia, China, Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), France, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Philippines, Tanzania, United States of America (USA), Zimbabwe

Industry Expertise

Agriculture, fishing and forestry, Education and training, Energy and extractives (oil, gas, mining), Financial services, Public administration, law and justice, Other

Role in Learning Development

Consultant, GLC-Certified Master Trainer, Instructional Designer, Trainer/Facilitator

Years of Experience

> 10 years

Target Groups Trained

MSMEs (Micro, small and medium-size enterprises), Corporations, Farmers, Low literacy groups, Women

Business Area of Expertise

Accounting and Finance, Management and Operations, Personal Productivity Skills, Human Resources
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Excellent Deliverable

Karen is an expert trainer who knows how to use the time effectively and get the best out of every participant. She is capable of keeping her energy at the same level right throughout the session and has never shown any kind of stress to the participants. She is well prepared on the content and also punctual. These sessions have been one of the best which I have ever attended.

Date of experience: 01/02/2021
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Fantastic Experience

Karen is a driven and empathetic trainer. It was a great experience learning from her.

Very engaging and enthusiastic. Thorough with content and superb delivery. 

My best wishes 

Date of experience: 04/03/2021
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The art of delevering online

I am so glad that I met Karen, an exemplary training professional. The perception of any online sessions could be different from those of the face-to-face training sessions. Karen made it completely different! The training program on Facilitating Live Online Learning was really live and captivating. Karen walks the talk. She inculcates the knowledge and application of those skills required to facilitate online learning in a seamlessly interesting way.        

Date of experience: 04/03/2021
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Appreciation of Excellent Diliverable

I was very fortunate to be a trainee of this course. Karen as a trainer has been performing highly effective deliverables throughout the whole course. She has a sound knowledge on the topics and her way of communication is highly effective. All of her sessions were well planned and very interactive. During her session, I fully engaged as I felt very comfortable. Because of Karen, now I am very competent to facilitate online sessions and my knowledge got improved. I got inspired through Karen,  as she, being a female trainer, plays a pivotal role in developing trainers' capacities.  I would recommend Karen, as a trainer, to anybody with high confidence.

Date of experience: 02/10/2021
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Calm and Composed Facilitator

I found Karen to be a composed and calm facilitator with an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

It was great to be part of the training co-facilitated by her. I found the inputs provided by her to be very useful in my training programs.

She knew exactly what she was talking about and patiently answered all the queries.

She has also possesses thorough technical knowledge of the online platform.

Wishing Karen all the great success for future.


Parag Gadhia

Date of experience: 04/03/2021
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Great Training Experience

Thank you, Karen, for excellent facilitation and inspiring training experience you created during the course of past couple of weeks. You were able to keep us active, and the comprehensive methodology you delivered was a totally new way for us to go for online training. Your delivery was highly action-oriented and we all enjoyed your delivery and guidance. Also thank you for valuable feedback you gave us to improve our training quality and style. Thanks again for the great job at Facilitation Live Online Learning training programme.

Date of experience: 03/04/2021
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Professional Delivery

Thank you, Karen for your professional conduct of the TOT. You walk the talk of the professionalism. You ensured we are not just marking our attendance but actively participating and also you respected each and every participant by answering our questions. Your technical knowledge was so proven and you successfully transfer that knowledge to us. Thank you for the comprehensive training program delivered to us successfully.

Date of experience: 04/03/2021
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Brilliant delivery with hypnotic talent to hold attention

Highly skilled in technicalities, Karen can make any topic she delivers look easy and fun to learn. She makes her trainees comfortable yet alert to ensure we understand everything she delivers. The FLOL training was intense with advanced concepts and challenges, yet Karen made us eagerly look forward to each coming session. Our lives will never be the same, since our online delivery was elevated to much higher levels. Thanks so much Karen, and wishing you all the best.

Date of experience: 04/03/2021
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Great learning experience

I liked the way you engaged learners, the activities you used, and the experience you shared. I noticed that you tried to demonstrate what you teach in the class. That makes your lesson easy to understand and apply. I suggest you keep doing that.

Date of experience: 08/04/2021
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A Great Influencer

A leader is an influencer, and Karen is an influencer. I became addicted to her subtle style of influencing while attending the subject course she facilitated for two weeks. Karen is a knowledgeable trainer who is current with cutting-edge techniques and the latest trends and demands in the training industry. She possesses and demonstrates a smiling, enthusiastic, and compassionate personality. It was a treat for me to learn from her. Thank you, Karen, and I wish you all the best in your pursuits of excellence.      




Date of experience: 23/03/2021
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Accomplished Master Trainer

It was a pleasure and privilege to learn from Karen. Facilitating Online Learning is not an easy course to teach but Karen handled all the aspects i.e. the facilitation skills element, the online delivery element as well as the use of technology in online learning in a very seamless and confident manner. As a master trainer, she is obviously highly skilled and experienced while maintaining a very warm and approachable attitude when interacting with the participants. 

Thank you Karen for sharing your knowledge and insights. I could not have asked for a better online training experience! 

Date of experience: 08/04/2021
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A great 360* approach

This was my first session with Karen and I found her style very effective. She had a 360* approach of imparting knowledge of the contents of the training. She could handle all aspects of the course with ease - whether it was the elements of the training or the tools. I was easily engaged due to her easy-going manner of delivery and I am highly appreciative of the same. I wish her all the best for all future sessions and would love to be connected again on some.

Date of experience: 08/04/2021
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Professional and enthusiastic

Karen has well demonstrated what required to be a professional trainer in this course. The course has been well designed and delivered. Starting from the pre-session to the conclusion, the course design has considered a lot on the objectives and execution details. All the session objectives have been well delivered via presentation, discussion and practice. I have learnt a lot both on the key principles and practical skills. I also learnt what enthusiasm meant from Karen's demonstration on real training course. It's brilliant training experience for me. Thank you, Karen. 

Date of experience: 23/03/2021
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Professional and Prepared

I had the chance to attend some classes of the FLO course managed by Karen. She is an experienced and professional trainer - she designs each class with excellent detail, she knows how to engage the learners with activities and therefore each class was very interesting and engaging. 

I really appreciated the effort and commitment, and how she delivered the contents. I learned a lot of useful skills and tips I will use them in my professional career. Recommended!!! Thanks a lot, Karen. 

Date of experience: 23/03/2021