Courses completed

  1. Facilitating Face-to-Face Learning (FFF)
  2. Training of Master Trainers (ToMT)
  • IFC - LPI Certified Trainer (since 2022)

    IFC - LPI Certified Trainer (since 2022) badge image
  • IFC Certified Master Trainer in Facilitating Learning (since 2020)

    IFC Certified Master Trainer in Facilitating Learning (since 2020)
  • IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2022)

    IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2022) badge image
  • IFC - LPI Certified Trainer (since 2020)

    IFC - LPI Certified Trainer (since 2020)
  • IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2020)

    IFC - LPI Certified Assessor (since 2020)
  • Signatory to the IFC Principles for Learning

    Signatory to the IFC Principles for Learning (since 2020)

Additional Information

Country of residence


Education Level

Bachelor's degree


English, Yoruba

International Work Experience


Industry Expertise

Business development consulting and advisory services, Education and training

Role in Learning Development

Coach, Consultant, GLC-Certified Master Trainer, Instructional Designer, Trainer/Facilitator

Years of Experience

3-6 years

Target Groups Trained

MSMEs (Micro, small and medium-size enterprises), Corporations, Youth

Business Area of Expertise

Management and Operations, Personal Productivity Skills, Human Resources
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Adeola Babatunde is a phenomenal Master Trainer.

Adeola's in-depth comprehension of the subject matter was evident as she masterfully engaged the class and answered tough questions gracefully. Her precise class activities accelerated the rate of learning and amped up interaction levels. Adeola's time-management is top-notch. Her dexterity with the tools for facilitating online learning is brilliant and she patiently guided each participant to mastery of the required online learning tools. I especially loved that she went beyond the call of duty to ensure we all understood the subject matter and creatively troubleshoot our problem areas. Adeola's classes were engaging, fun, yet impactful. I came into class as a Learning & Development Practitioner and I came out as a Learning and Development Professional. With her firm and gentle guidance, I moved from Shadow Boxing to Conscious Competence. I'd recommend Adeola Babatunde 1,000 times over.

I'd also recommend the IFC Facilitating Learning Online Course for everyone in the Learning and Development Industry.



Date of experience: 11/02/2022
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Great Master Training Workshop

Adeola made the experience worthwhile with her engaging style, powerful examples, patience, and above all, being supportive along the journey. Her dedication to the topic and the class made the program special and enjoyable. Additionally, she managed the class time-wise very professionally, and gave a special attention to every single participant not leaving out anyone. I wish her more and more success. Highly recommended absolutely!

Date of experience: 24/02/2024
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Awesome Facilitator

My experience with Adeola is such a great one. She really epitomized the excellence a master trainer should possess. She treated questions that fell beyond the scope of work with so much dexterity. Being an above-average user of the zoom platform, I still learned some other features that made me look good in front of clients, thanks to Adeola.

I would recommend her anytime with a lot of confidence, knowing she would get the job well done and make the clients happy. I especially would recommend the IFC-LPI TPMA Facilitating Learning online and in-person to anyone in the Learning industry.

Date of experience: 24/02/2024
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Excellent Trainer

Adeola is a wonderfully engaging trainer who exceeded expectations and conducted her training sessions with expertise, humor and candor. It was extremely helpful to understand the basic training concepts and methodologies. The quality of the content was excellent and was a fine balance of theory and practice. 

The materials provided were simple to comprehend, to follow through with practical yet memorable examples for us to use in our work lives. We had lots of opportunities to ask questions and share about real life examples which all made for really enjoyable and informative sessions. 

I feel confident in applying lessons to different training scenarios that come knocking at my door, and I'm more prepared to deal with uncomfortable training issues. I can highly recommend Adeola as a solid guide and an excellent trainer for anyone looking to certify in the learning and development space.

Date of experience: 29/08/2021
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As someone who struggles to stay engaged as a participant in online classes, I knew online courses were challenging for my students. I was interested to see how Adeola's content would be delivered and what I could learn.

It was a case of "practice what you preach". Adeola confidently demonstrated the concepts she was teaching in a simple, clear and easy-to-understand way.  The classes seemed just the right length of time for us busy professionals with challenging yet engaging content. 

The concepts were well explained and detailed. She shared with us more than she taught including better use of technology. I will be using the techniques I have learnt in my own facilitations. I feel a lot more confident facilitating online courses. 

Date of experience: 29/09/2021
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Excellent and engaging trainer

I have had an amazing experience with passionate Adeola. She is a time-sensitive, hands-on subject expert, and extremely passionate. She embodied the excellent standards and manners expected of a master trainer. She's a master user of the zoom platform, because of her teaching and thoughtfulness, I'm changed forever. 

I would recommend her anytime with so much confidence, knowing she would exceed expectations. I especially would recommend the IFC-LPI TPMA Facilitating Learning online and in person to anyone in the Learning industry.

Date of experience: 22/02/2022
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Awesome assessor

I do not feel any hesitation in writing that Adeola is an excellent assessor. During my IFC-LPI assessment process, she guided me in detail. I never felt confused, left alone, or insecure whenever I raised any query to her. She has excellent command on her topic and she went out of her way to support me and clarified some concepts during my assessment.

I must say, that I was lucky enough to partner with Adeola as my assessor. I recommend her confidently for future IFC-LPI assessors for their certification. 

I wish her good luck in her future endeavors.

Date of experience: 14/01/2022
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Fantastic Master Trainer

Adeola is fantastic! She has the expertise to bring concepts to life and to play so deftly. She truly walks her talk. I liked that she spoke in a calm, interesting manner and helped us identify our strengths and areas where we needed to improve. Her handling was so competent that no question appeared awkward which made the cohort feel comfortable enough to learn without airs. I truly recommend Adeola to anyone looking to get certified. She's got a 15/10 from me! Thank you, Adeola. You are a gem!

Date of experience: 30/11/2023