Analyzing Needs and Determining Strategies to Improve Performance


This learning path is currently under development and will be available shortly. Here is what you can anticipate:


What is it about?

This learning path examines how to analyze performance needs and gaps. It also covers how to create a strategy for designing a training or performance improvement solution that meets client needs.


Who should take it?

Anyone who anticipates being part of the ramp-up for a training or performance improvement project, including training project managers, instructional designers, facilitators, and others involved in performance improvement. This foundational learning path examines steps that should be taken prior to designing, developing or facilitating training.


What topics will be covered?

  • What is a performance needs assessment (PNA)?
  • How do you define a performance problem?
  • What data do you need to gather and how do you gather it?
  • How do you analyze the data?
  • How do you write the PNA report?
  • How do you determine your strategy?


What are the prerequisites for this learning path?


Can I be notified when it becomes available?

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