Designing Learning


What is it about?

This course teaches how to design and develop action-driven learning that enables learners to understand and apply what they are learning.  It teaches basic skills for designing and developing instruction, as well as consulting as an instructional designer.


Who should take it?

This course is designed for anyone looking to learn about or enhance their instructional design and development skills.  This could include new or novice instructional designers; training managers; trainers; college or university instructors; consultants/subject matter experts tasked with developing a course in their area of expertise; or recent high school or college graduates who are considering opening their own business.  


What topics will be covered?

  • Introduction to instructional design
  • Developing learner persona
  • Action mapping
  • Writing learning objectives
  • Engaging with the client and subject matter expert
  • Motivating learners and determining evaluation techniques
  • Designing activities
  • Selecting and sequencing content
  • Designing templates
  • Developing slides, activities, trainer scripting, supporting materials, and a time planner
  • Engaging with stakeholders to revise
  • Supporting the transfer of learning
  • Implementing program rollout and continuity planning
  • Converting classroom-based training to the virtual environment


What are the prerequisites for this learning path?


How long does it take to complete the course?

About 11-12 weeks. The expected time commitment per week is 2-5 hours.


How can I sign up for the course?

Please stay tuned for the announcements of the upcoming sessions in the GLC calendar of events. You may also subscribe to the quarterly GLC newsletter to be in the know of all training sessions organized by the GLC training community.