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Designing and Developing Learning

This course teaches how to design and develop action-driven learning that enables learners to understand and apply what they are learning.  It teaches basic skills for designing and developing instruction, as well as consulting as an instructional designer.  It is appropriate for new or novice instructional designers who want to improve their skills.  More experienced instructional designers may also benefit from the course to review and finetune their skills.

Course learning objective

After taking this learning path, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Design and develop 1 lesson, intended for a face-to-face learning environment. according to the case study.
  • Design the conversion of the 1 lesson for virtual learning

Course content

This course contains the following topics:

  1. Introduction to instructional design
  2. Developing learner persona
  3. Action mapping
  4. Writing learning objectives
  5. Engaging with the Client and subject matter expert
  6. Motivating learners and determining evaluation techniques
  7. Designing activities
  8. Selecting and sequencing content
  9. Designing using templates
  10. Developing slides, activities, trainer scripting, supporting materials, and time planner
  11. Engaging with stakeholders to revise
  12. Supporting the transfer of learning
  13. Implementing program rollout and continuity planning
  14. Converting classroom-based training to the virtual environment

Methodology and Evaluation

During the course, the instructor acts as a facilitator, using blended learning methods to guide and coach participants through online, self-directed learning experiences; peer discussions; live online learning experiences; individual coaching sessions; and step-by-step application through deliverables.  The instructor will use the DOR to evaluate participants’ deliverables and provide coaching feedback. 


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04:00 pm - 06:00 pm

GMT : +00:00, Africa/Accra


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