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Professional Coach Certification Programme (Online)

The Modules

The program guides you through the ABCDE of coaching



Developing Self-Awareness

Module A includes various assessments and reflective practices that help you to become more aware of yourself and establish your vision, goals, and values. It aids in creating clarity and developing the confidence to make important changes in your personal and professional life; thus establishing where you are, and where you are trying to get to.



The 'Being' of a Coach

Module B focuses on the ‘Being’ of a Coach. It entails who a coach is and establishes this as the foundation for a successful coaching profession. It reviews the role mindfulness plays in the life of a coach and also expands on the ethics and standards ICF coaches must abide by.



Understanding Core Competencies

Module C digs deeper into the ICF core competencies of coaching. Each competency is reviewed and put into practice under various scenarios to aid an understanding of the skills and behaviors required of a professional coach.



The 'Doing' of a Coach

Module D reviews and reflects on assignments and tools as you bring learnings from previous modules into real-life coaching scenarios. Here you practice one-on-one coaching and apply the fundamentals of coaching in various situations. You will have the opportunity to debrief and receive feedback from your coaching group and facilitators.



Essentials of coaching

This final module guides you through vital aspects of coaching by leveraging coaching practicals from Module D and explaining the core competencies learned in Module C. Here you discover the role that energy, emotion, empathy, and engagement play in coaching.


How we’re different

  • We offer peer coaching for participants of our program with respective individuals undertaking coach certification training in other ICF accredited institutions
  • We support you to accumulate the required qualification practice coaching hours for ICF credentialing
  • Learn and practice core coaching competencies during training sessions and mentor coaching sessions
  • Students are guided through the ICF certification process and prepared for the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)


Overview of the program

  • 16 weeks
  • Online, live facilitator interface
  • 60 contact hours
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching
  • ICF credentialled coach facilitators
  • Assessment and Group Work
  • Peer to Peer Coaching practice
  • Access to EZ Coaching Alumni
  • Certificate of Completion


Learning Goals

Our training provides specific techniques and tools which can be applied in situations to support meaningful change. Examples of learning goals include:


Building confidence

Developed through inquiry and asking powerful questions that provide the impetus for clients to note their achievements, successes, positive qualities, good deeds, and ways they positively impact others.

Undertaken through empowering conversations focused on proactively creating the future. Ultimately coaches support clients to create a visualization.

Adopting an experiential process for building self-confidence through devising a coaching plan that results in measurable achievements and self-affirming interactions



Techniques include exploring a client’s values and then considering how the client's choices align with those values. In the course of the coaching conversation, a client should become aware of the differences between their values and realities, and is thereby empowered to make different choices and plan appropriately.

Self-awareness is also enabled through assessments that may focus on values, personality characteristics, or specific skills. A coach works with the client to make sense of the feedback from the assessments and create an action plan for working on opportunity areas.



This occurs from the inside out. Through reflective inquiry, clients can look at their beliefs as if they were laid bare before them. From this position, they can examine the gaps in their thought process.



A graduation is a landmark event in the coach training calendar.

It is a symbol of progression to the start of the next chapter in the life of a Certified Coach


EZ Coaching Alumni

EZ Coaching Alumni are graduates of the Professional Coach Certification Programme.

Alumni have access to member-only content via the EZ Coaching Alumni group on Linkedin


Further details: https://ezcoaching.org/




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