Facilitating Learning lies at the heart of the learning process. The IFC-LPI Trainer Performance Monitoring and Assessment (TPMA), empowers facilitators to deliver highly effective face-to-face learning experiences to adult participants in a variety professional fields. The certification is responsive to the needs of emerging markets and is offered in collaboration with The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI) a leading authority on learning and workplace development.

If you are a seasoned professional trainer, instructional designer or a performance and learning professional aiming to improve your skills and receive international recognition, or a new trainer looking to upgrade to a professional level, then this certification is for you.

IFC-LPI TPMA certification demonstrates that your professional knowledge, training facilitation skills, and competencies are relevant, up to date, and meet industry standards. In addition, the certification will:

  • Enable you to continue to build your skills and knowledge and stay at the forefront of an ever-changing marketplace
  • Give you access to the IFC and LPI networks of resources and communities and empower your business
  • Build invaluable personal and professional confidence
  • Provide you with a competitive advantage in the training marketplace and open new career opportunities

First, you will take part in the IFC Facilitating Face-to-Face Learning course (also called Training of Trainers  - ToT) as a first step. This is delivered by local and regional IFC Master Trainers, all of whom are certified by both IFC and the LPI. At the end of the course, we assess one of your facilitation sessions, if successful, the LPI will award the certification. You will then be admitted to the IFC and LPI networks and communities.


Upcoming IFC Facilitating Face-to-Face Learning courses.

A Master Trainer in Facilitating Face-to-Face Learning (MT in FFF) is authorized to offer IFC’s Facilitating Face-To-Face Learning (FFF) course and the internationally recognized IFC-LPI TPMA certification – a joint certification from IFC and the Learning and Performance Institute (www.thelpi.org). 

As an MT in FFF you are expected to train, assess, and coach other trainers. You should demonstrate professional behavior, commercial ability to market the FFF course at a large scale, and motivation to support IFC's mission in promoting sustainable private sector growth.

Earning your Master Trainer certification will make a statement about the expertise and valuable services you bring to the market. It will also give you the following advantages:

  • Credibility and recognition that you have competency in teaching the FFF course and assessing the skills of other trainers.
  • A new revenue stream - once you are certified and licensed, you gain rights to offer IFC’s copyrighted FFF course and the IFC-LPI TPMA certification to your new and existing clients.
  • Increased visibility to IFC and other development organizations and corporations.

Applicants to the program should have:

  • Six (6) or more years of experience in facilitating face-to-face learning
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant field
  • Proficiency of the English language 
  • The IFC-LPI TPMA certification (an equivalent certification in facilitation skills might be considered)
  • Adequate work experience in a developing country or residing in one  

IFC will consider the following factors when selecting candidates among applicants:

  • Educational achievements
  • Experience in:
    • facilitation skills
    • coaching and other skills related to training and learning
    • emerging markets
    • one or more of the following industries (banking and financial services, agriculture, manufacturing, information technology)
    • gender initiatives and projects
  • Score achieved in the IFC-LPI TPMA certification (or equivalent)
  • Fit of the candidate’s profile and goals with IFC's mission and goals
  • Clarity and soundness of the candidate’s Commercial Plan for the promotion and delivery of the IFC FFF course and the IFC-LPI TPMA certification
  • Professional behavior and attitude
  • English language proficiency 

After being admitted to the program, you will be required to successfully complete:

  • IFC-LPI TPMA Assessment Skills workshop (online) and related assessment
  • IFC FFF Course Orientation workshop (online) and all its work assignments

Candidates who successfully complete the program requirements will be invited to sign the Master Trainer Licensing Agreement authorizing them to offer the IFC copyrighted FFF course, and the IFC-LPI TPMA certification as part of their business services. Details of the Licensing Agreement will be discussed with the shortlisted candidates during their interview.

The MT in FFF certification program is offered once a year and spans about three months from the day IFC announces the start of accepting candidates’ applications.

There is no tuition fee for participating in the program. However, candidates who fail to complete the program might be charged the costs incurred by IFC.

 For 2020, the key dates are as follows:

  • February 23, 2020: Application deadline
  • February 24 - March 6, 2020: Interviews with shortlisted applicants 
  • March 19, 2020: Announcement of selected candidates
  • March 23 - April 4, 2020: Selected candidates will be required to attend the IFC-LPI TPMA Assessment Skills online workshop and submit related assessment
  • May 4 – May 18, 2020: Selected candidates will be required to attend the IFC FFF Course Orientation online workshop and complete its work assignments

To apply for the program, please complete the application form and return it no later than Sunday February 23, 2020 to the email address: ifc_mt_certification@ifc.org.

The application form consists of your:

  • Personal profile
  • Motivation statement
  • Commercial Promotion Plan for the FFF course
  • References

IFC will review all applications and will conduct personal interviews to select candidates who have the right experience, skills, and are the right fit to become an MT in FFF. If you are shortlisted, an IFC representative will contact you to book a date and time for the interview.

There is no tuition fee for participating in the program. However, candidates who fail to complete the program might be charged the costs incurred by IFC.


“I have been a trainer for over a decade but during the TPMA certification assessment I found that I still had a lot to learn. Now my training sessions are more engaging and exciting because of the high level of interaction by the participants.”

Ms. Edughom Hanson, Deputy Managing Director, Wider Perspectives Limited, Nigeria

“I would recommend the IFC-LPI TPMA certification to all trainers. Confidence in the IFC and LPI brands opens more doors, and, I now find that I’m better able to manage a class with mixed abilities – leaving all participants feeling satisfied and fulfilled.”

Ms. Kelechi Amoo, Academy Administrator, CleanAce Academy, Nigeria

"The Facilitating Face-to-Face Learning course is quite an experience. It goes beyond technicalities to reach the human aspect of the trainer. I have been witnessing FFF graduates describing the course as a life changing event."

Mr. Ashraf G. Shenouda, Managing Director, AGS & Associates, Egypt

I had no idea that becoming an IFC Master Trainer in FFF would change the course of my career. The course introduced me to best practices in training that I never knew existed. The certification helped me grow my business exponentially."

Ms. Margaret Jackson, IFC Master Trainer and Founder of Rainbow Consult, Ghana