Webinar 40: Practical Steps to Designing Transfer-Effective Training Programs

February 28, 2024

In October 2023, GLC hosted a webinar titled "Maximizing Training Effectiveness: Transforming Training into Action for Your Organization and Clients." Featuring a panel of experts with over 78 years of combined experience in training, L&D, HR, and consulting, the session provided practical strategies to enhance training and development programs. This month's webinar builds upon the insights shared during that event.

Training serves as a vital tool for nurturing employees' knowledge and skills. The concept of transfer of training refers to the extent to which skills and knowledge acquired in a training program can be applied in different contexts, encompassing the ability to utilize learning in job roles and real-life situations. However, the effectiveness of training can be hindered by challenges in transferring learning to the workplace. Transfer effectiveness, therefore, revolves around how individuals apply newly acquired knowledge or skills to enhance their performance. It encompasses strategies to encourage, facilitate, support, and evaluate the transfer of knowledge and skills from training to the workplace.

In this upcoming webinar, Sandra Ihenacho, IFC-certified master trainer in facilitating learning, will offer practical insights into the design of training programs that facilitate effective transfer of learning. Drawing from recent experiences, she will use a compelling case study to illustrate these concepts, focusing on a client whose employees have recently been trained by her company. 

Join us as we explore strategies to bridge the gap between training and application, by designing training initiatives that drive tangible results and empower learners to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in real-world contexts, thereby ensuring lasting impact and success for the business.

By the end of the webinar, participants will:

  • Articulate essential steps for designing training programs that facilitate effective transfer of learning.
  • Gain access to a template that will help them design new training programs or refine existing ones.
  • Develop a plan of action to implement the insights gained from the webinar.

Register now to unlock the secrets to designing transfer-effective training programs that drive meaningful results.



Sandra Ihenacho: IFC-certified master trainer, IFC-LPI TPMA assessor and trainer, and CEO of M. Bryan Consulting Limited


Sandra serves as the Chief Executive Officer of M. Bryan Consulting Limited, a leading human capital development organization helping companies enhance their productivity and profitability. The company focuses primarily on training, coaching, and mentoring initiatives. 

Sandra holds various certifications, including being a certified IFC global master trainer in facilitating learning, certified IFC-LPI TPMA assessor, certified transformational coach, professional certified group and team coach, and a Kirkpatrick certified professional bronze level. She is also a signatory to the IFC Principles for Learning.

Sandra's professional experience spans over 17 years, during which she has played a pivotal role in designing and developing training content for numerous organizations and impacting over 15,000 participants through her training programs. Her expertise extends to moderating strategies and envisioning sessions, offering consultations to micro, small, medium, and large businesses, as well as public sector institutions.

A sought-after speaker on workplace learning, Sandra actively participates in domestic and international conferences. Whether designing courses, conducting training sessions, mentoring individuals, or groups, managing training projects, or coaching individuals and teams, Sandra consistently infuses her work with passion (P), enthusiasm (E), and a growth (G) mindset, encapsulated in the acronym PEG.

Beyond her responsibilities at M. Bryan Consulting Limited, Sandra plays a crucial role as a valued resource person at the Lagos Business School (LBS) and serves as a distinguished faculty member at the Enterprise Development Centre (EDC). Her unwavering commitment to advancing human capital development and fostering organizational growth manifests itself in the diverse ways.



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Sandra Ihenacho